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How Can We Address the CX Workforce Confidence Gap?
Recent data from Glassdoor’s Employee Confidence Index reveals a troubling trend. U.S. workers are experiencing a significant gap between expectations and reality, with only 46.4% of professionals reporting a positive six-month business outlook. This decline in confidence stems from diminishing satisfaction with leadership transparency and communication, especially in the post-pandemic era.
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The Untapped Power of Interdependence: Transforming CX Workforce Engagement Through Gamification
Organizations in the customer experience (CX) industry face a critical challenge: fostering engagement, collaboration, and shared purpose among their workforce.
By Greg Salvato
A Simple Fix to Employee Disengagement: Cut the Crap
For too long, organizations have paid lip service to platitudes like "we're all in this together" and "our employees are our greatest asset." Yet endemic workplace disengagement, high attrition rates and poor customer experience metrics reveal these are often empty slogans.
By Greg Salvato
Part 3: Transforming Customer Contact Centers with AI and Gamification – A Comprehensive Approach
As CEO of TouchPoint One, my journey through the evolution of contact center operations has led me to a profound appreciation for the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and gamification. It's important to clarify that our use of AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI, within our Acuity platform,...
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A Child's Insight, A Leader's Awakening
As the CEO of a company deeply focused on CX strategy and workforce optimization, I've seen firsthand the impact of effective employee engagement on customer satisfaction and business outcomes. Among the vast sea of strategies I've encountered, some of the most profound came years ago from an unexpected source: my son, Luke.
By Greg Salvato
Leadership Unleashed – How Executives Are Changing the Game for EX and CX - Part 2
In the first part of our series, we explored how integrating AI with human-centric strategies can revitalize the workplace, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections. Moving forward, Part 2, 'Leadership Unleashed – How Executives Are Changing the Game for EX and CX,' shifts our focus towards...
By Greg Salvato
Beyond AI: Fostering Genuine Connection to Revitalize the Customer Contact Workplace – Part 1
The recent article titled "In New Workplace, Employee Engagement Stagnates," authored by Gallup's Jim Harter, highlights a concerning trend in today's workplace: employee engagement in the U.S. has hit a standstill, posing a significant challenge for CX organizations striving to maintain a competitive edge.
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Unlocking Success in Employee and Customer Experience: The Power of Innovative Performance Management
As leaders at TouchPoint One, we often encounter insights that align consistently with our mission and vision. The perspectives explored in the two McKinsey reports (report 1, report 2) on talent and performance management are a case in point. We believe these reports offer valuable wisdom worth sharing with our community, especially when considering our collective role as contact center leaders in achieving extraordinary employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX).
By A. Raymond
Navigating Complexity with Confidence: The TouchPoint One Path to Contact Center Transformation
Contact centers are increasingly facing budget constraints, posing challenges in implementing essential performance management and employee engagement solutions. Advanced solutions in this space often represent a significant expenditure, especially for larger CX organizations, leading to potential delays or abandonment of crucial investments and impacting service quality and operational efficiency.
By Greg Salvato
Facing Today's Challenges With One Invincible Human Superpower
Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One, drives innovation in CX workforce engagement and performance management.
By Greg Salvato
Revolutionize Your CX Strategy: 4 Powerful Reasons to Embrace P4P Now
Enhancing service quality and operational efficiency are key priorities for customer experience (CX) organizations. One strategic approach that stands out is the implementation of performance-based pay (P4P) systems. Let's explore the top three reasons why making P4P an imperative in your CX organization is essential now.
By Greg Salvato
Every Rep Counts – Making Squatober Inclusive for All
Inspired by Dan Arriola's post about Inktel's commitment to #Squatober (thank you, Dan!), I've been reflecting on the transformative power of such challenges. For those unfamiliar, Squatober is a month-long celebration dedicated to the squat exercise that has grown into a worldwide event, drawing participants from all fitness levels.
By A. Raymond
Quantifying the ROI of Gamification: A Practical Guide
Gamification has emerged as a powerful tool to enhance employee engagement, boost productivity, and foster a positive work environment. However, skeptics often question its tangible benefits. This guide aims to shed light on the financially quantifiable benefits of gamification and provide a roadmap for measuring its ROI.
By Greg Salvato
Fantasy Sports-Inspired CX Workforce Engagement: The Innovation of TouchPoint One's A-GAME Leagues
Imagine a world where the thrill of drafting a winning fantasy sports team translates into real-world corporate success.
By Greg Salvato
The Final Frontier
As we approach the 57th anniversary of the original Star Trek series, it's hard not to marvel at the foresight of Gene Roddenberry. The show envisioned a future where technology and AI are integral to our lives—a future that seems increasingly close to our present. In that spirit, I've crafted a Star Trek-themed marketing narrative for TouchPoint One, focusing on the incredible possibilities at the intersection of CX and AI. Whether it leads to an intro call or demo, or simply brings a smile to your face, I hope it serves as a reminder of the exciting frontier we're exploring in customer experience. 🖖
By Greg Salvato
Reigniting The CX Workforce Amid AI Revolution—Restoring Passion & Trust
Revitalizing Trust In The CX Workforce Amid AI Disruption: A Unique Opportunity For Leadership
By Greg Salvato
Elevating Contact Center Performance: The Power of Executive Engagement and Gamification
In the dynamic world of customer experience (CX), your role as a senior executive or operations manager extends beyond strategic decision-making. You're not just a leader; you're a key player in shaping the daily routines of your frontline agents. And guess what? Your direct involvement can yield substantial returns on investment (ROI), both in terms of business performance and human impact.
By Greg Salvato
The Power Of Connection: The New Imperative For CX Executives
Greg Salvato is CEO of TouchPoint One, a leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centers.
By Greg Salvato
Six Ways To Stimulate Workforce Connectedness And Electrify Employee And Customer Experience
Our well-being depends on the quality of our connections with others. According to Yale University lecturer Emma Seppälä, "people who feel more connected to others have lower rates of anxiety and depression.
By Greg Salvato
The Most Powerful Name in Corporate News- Contact Center Performance Management Software Solution
Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine
By Greg Salvato
Seek And Share Truth To Boost Employee And Customer Experience
Contact centers depend on a wide range of technologies to operate effectively. Numerous disparate systems generate perpetual flows of valuable data — the analytic raw material that can yield truth and intelligence about your people, performance, processes, culture and more...
By Greg Salvato
Contact Center Excellence Emanates From The Inside Out
The concept of leading indicators to measure and manage different aspects of business and life isn't new. Unemployment claims, stock prices and building permits gauge economic health and influence monetary and investment policies....
By Greg Salvato
Supervisor Support is the Key to Contact Center Success – A Simple Strategy to Align Frontline and Senior Leaders
There is a vast body of research exposing the direct link between strong frontline leaders and higher levels of workforce engagement, retention, and business success...
By Casey Kostecka
A Data-Driven Strategy for Managing Contact Center Labor Costs and Optimizing Employee Retention
Among the best ways to control rising labor costs in contact centers include automating responses via Ai, RPA, Chat, IVR, etc. Also, reducing attrition rates is huge...
By Greg Salvato
The 3 Step Strategy for Customer Contact Victory in the WFH Age
Words aren’t remotely enough to convey the extreme level of gratitude we owe to the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists, and other medical workers entrenched in the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic...
By Greg Salvato
Why Your Customer Contact Operations May Be Failing and What You Can Do to Fix It
Achieving lasting success in the contact center hinges on the effectiveness of frontline leaders. Few would argue that any other resource possesses greater capacity to influence everything that matters most in the customer contact organization...
By Andrew Prokop
Game On -- The Gamification of the Contact Center
I'm sure we've all been asked to name our worst job. For me, it was washing dishes at John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch. I worked the breakfast shift and clocked in at the absurd hour of 5:00 in the morning. Not only did I have to put up with scalding hot water, an overbearing chef...
By Greg Salvato
Extreme Makeover: Gamification Changes the Face of Telecom Contact Centers
In its heyday, the home improvement reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was appointment TV. Ty Pennington and his crew of exuberant carpenters, architects, contractors and designers would, in just a week, transform a worn-out house into an unbelievable dream home for a lucky family sent away on vacation. Witnessing...
By Greg Salvato
Gamification: The Performance Management Transformation Catalyst for Utility Contact Centers
Today's dynamic business landscape, no matter the field, offers profound opportunities and attendant challenges. Utility companies, in particular, are routinely faced with emergency conditions and unplanned events that can affect hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of customers - all of whom are looking to speak with a live person...
By Greg Salvato
Gamification Revs Up Employee Engagement and Business Performance in Contact Centers
Employee engagement is widely recognized as essential to high performance cultures. In fact, research from Gallup reports that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share and enjoy 25-65% less turnover and 37% less...
By Dan Campbell, CEO of Hire Dynamics
Catching a Moving Target to Overcome Contact Center Turnover
There are many reasons why a person leaves a job. Even the best organizations can only influence some of those reasons and not others. What leads to a supervisor terminating an employee is often very different from the motivation an employee has to leave a job at his...
By Greg Salvato
Driving Call Center Performance to Higher Levels with Gamification
One of the many great truths voiced by the iconic Green Bay Packer coach, Vince Lombardi, exemplifies the core principal behind the growing interest in modern game mechanics, aka “gamification” among businesses today...
By Paula Bernier
Contact Center Performance Management. Taking Your Organization to the Next Level
You've invested in the best leadership, technologies, and human capital sourcing and development partners available to formulate and perfect the secret sauce that makes your enterprise exceptional and successful. Now you can gain even more value from these investments by...
By Greg Salvato
Lead your contact center to prosperity and peak performance in 2015
Achieving maximum value from nearly every category of business expenditure is dependent on the performance of the enterprise's contact centers. Launching a $ multi-million marketing campaign that establishes expectations for customers without involving and aligning the contact center?
By Greg Salvato
Develop Great Talent to Ignite Growth Through CCPM
A recent Gallup Business Journal article entitled, “To Win With Natural Talent, Go For Additive Effects” details how four specific human capital strategies can be combined to achieve 59% more growth in revenue per employee while also states that “…how companies manage and develop stars hasn't improved over the past decade.”
By Greg Salvato
Fireside chat with Greg Salvato, CEO TouchPoint One Share
Because of the current economic climate our publication has started a series of discussions with professional individuals meant to engage our readers with relevant companies and their representatives in order...
By Nicole Weathers
5 Reasons Why ARM Leaders Prioritize Compliance Audit and Control Processes to Boost Digital Transformation
A recent report from MIT Sloan Management Review indicates a strong correlation between companies actively engaged in digital transformation and their ability to succeed in the new economy...
By Greg Salvato
Gamify your remote team
Gen Z is the newest generation to enter the workforce, and call center supervisors need to ramp-up their performance management strategies to keep these young reps engaged...
By John Gardner
Coaching during COVID: 6 steps to engaging remote reps
Keeping reps engaged is always a top priority for call centers. But during the pandemic, it has become a lot more challenging, forcing site supervisors to rethink how they motivate their people. ...
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