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Contact center performance management systems serve several key functions that enable CX organizations to maximize the value of data, people, technology, and AI. First, they act as the storehouse for all data and business logic relevant to contact center operations. Second, they provide digitized workflows that enable CX organizations to capture and measure the effectiveness and other characteristics of the actions, behaviors, and routines of the CX workforce at all levels, driving improvements in desired outcomes. Additionally, these systems ensure integration and interoperability with existing tools, offer real-time analytics, and provide the flexibility to customize workflows to meet unique organizational needs. They must also be scalable to accommodate growth, secure to protect sensitive information, and continuously updated to leverage new advancements and feedback. Furthermore, these systems play a pivotal role in enhancing employee engagement and experience, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.
Product Information (PDF)
LLMs and generative AI platforms, like human experts or novices, require context to generate quality output. A well-designed, implemented, and maintained performance management system is therefore the key to unlocking maximum value from these AI technologies. This context includes not just data, but also insights from real-time analytics, customized workflows, and continuous feedback loops. By ensuring seamless integration, scalability, and security, these systems provide the foundation needed for AI to deliver actionable insights and drive meaningful improvements in contact center performance.

Acuity Intelligence: Elevating AI to "Actual Intelligence"

Under the "Acuity Intelligence" innovation banner, our AI-powered features go beyond traditional artificial intelligence. We call it "Actual Intelligence," reflecting our commitment to delivering real, actionable insights and tangible benefits. By integrating generative AI platforms from leading vendors like OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic, we enhance our platform's capabilities to create a more intelligent and efficient contact center environment.

Key AI-Driven Features in the Acuity Platform:

Supervisor Coaching Support:

Generative AI Integration: Automates the creation of dynamic, data-driven coaching plans tailored to individual agents and specific support workflows, i.e. Team Huddles, Performance Reviews, Recognition, etc.

Strategic Guidance: Provides supervisors with actionable insights to enhance agent performance, motivation, and engagement.
Prioritization and Support Actions:

AI-Powered Assistance: Identifies and prioritizes support actions, ensuring timely and effective intervention.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Offers strategic guidance for senior managers and executives based on comprehensive AI analysis.
Automated Quality Monitoring:

AutoQA: Reinforces and improves manual call monitoring with generative-AI powered assessment and scoring of every call.

IQAssure Module: Utilizes AI to automate quality monitoring, ensuring consistent and accurate assessments.

Coaching Integration: Seamlessly integrates AI-generated insights into the Sidekick agent coaching system for continuous improvement.
Voice of the Customer and Employee Satisfaction Analysis:

Sentiment Analysis: Uses AI to analyze and score customer and employee satisfaction, providing deep insights into sentiment and behavior.

Behavioral Analytics: Identifies patterns and trends to inform strategic decisions and improve overall satisfaction.
Predictive Analytics for Attrition and Performance:

Comprehensive Forecasting: Predicts attrition and performance across various attributes, including agent, manager, location, department, and vendor.

Proactive Management: Empowers leadership with the intelligence needed to address potential issues before they impact operations.

The TouchPoint One vision

Contact centers face an inflection point, tasked with managing complex performance across distributed teams while needing to augment human capacity through AI to elevate employee and customer success. TouchPoint One's Acuity harnesses AI to amplify the workforce through intelligent coaching, quality management, analytics, and guidance that enhance productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness across every role and workflow. Simultaneously, Acuity reimagines workforce engagement by applying gamification mechanics that foster human connections and alignment through healthy competition and immersive experiences, driving sustainable high performance.

Those who embrace Acuity's combined human + machine power gain sustained competitive advantage as industry leaders.

TouchPoint One's Use of LLM/GenAI Platforms within Acuity

Customer Testimonials

"TouchPoint One's Acuity platform has transformed our contact center operations, significantly improving agent performance and customer satisfaction." – Robert Camacho, CEO, Collective Solution

"Everything was complicated before Acuity, now with a one stop, one view platform, team productivity, coaching and results are easily accessible---Phenomenal!"
– Yvette, Supervisor

“I recommend this leading Performance Management product!  It has been a game changer in our organization.” — Melissa N. Goodman, Communication Center Manager, National Spine & Pain Centers, LLC

Transform Your Contact Center
with Acuity Intelligence

TouchPoint One’s Acuity platform, with its AI-driven features, sets a new standard for contact center performance management. By leveraging the power of AI, we provide our clients with the tools to transform their operations, enhance employee engagement, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our clients stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of customer service.

Schedule a discovery session and Acuity software demo today to explore how our platform can revolutionize your contact center operations.

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