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Develop Great Talent to Ignite Growth Through CCPM

September 30, 2014

Summary: A recent Gallup Business Journal article entitled, “To Win With Natural Talent, Go For Additive Effects” details how four specific human capital strategies can be combined to achieve 59% more growth in revenue per employee while also states that “…how companies manage and develop stars hasn't improved over the past decade.”

To a large degree, this is probably true, but at TouchPoint One, we see clear evidence that companies may be starting to improve their ability to develop stars and realize the related benefits through the increasing adoption of modern Contact Center Performance Management (CCPM) applications. The uptick in adoption of CCPM can be attributed to several factors.

  • CCPM applications have matured significantly in recent years and most now offer an array of integrated capabilities to support each of the human capital strategies that Gallup describes make extraordinary growth and talent development possible.
  • CCPM ROI is measurable and compelling. In fact, our experience has shown that when the Gallup strategies are implemented through CCPM, the rate of growth described can actually be significantly exceeded. This is possible because, beyond the “additive” impact Gallup notes, CCPM produces a multiplicative effect that generates total output that can far exceed the simple sum of the parts.
  • Advances in CCPM’s availability in a hosted, Software as a Service model have driven down cost and reduced implementation complexity, making it among the lowest cost contact center technologies and accessible to organizations of almost any size.
  • Systematizing performance management within the contact center is increasing and will ultimately become essential to be competitive.

Gallup notes that companies pick the wrong manager 82% of the time because they base hiring decisions on faulty criteria. Further, they report that about 1 in 10 people possess the talent to manage and that another 2 in 10 people can function at a high level in management “if their company invests in coaching and developmental plans for them”. Companies that are able to solve this dilemma enjoy profound benefits in improved employee engagement and overall performance resulting in 147% higher earnings per share than their competition, according to Gallup. In the following ways, CCPM serves as an ideal platform from which to implement all four Gallup strategies; 1) Select managers with natural talent, 2) Select the right individual contributors, 3) Engage employees and 4) Focus on strengths.

Measure Performance

The talents of great managers can be measured through CCPM in a transparent, consistent and complete manner. Typically, contact center performance management is associated with agent performance, but leaving out supervisors and managers and others precludes CCPM’s benefits to be realized at the critical leadership level. The scorecards reflecting the key metrics associated with almost any role, along with the dashboards, communication and other key features within CCPM can be leveraged to identify and recognize outstanding skills and drive greater performance among managers based on the same principles that apply to agents. And this approach can be applied to the hiring and recruiting sources of talent as well (internal and/or third parties). CCPM allows KPIs to be defined and applied to internal and external staffing operations so that the performance of human capital suppliers can also be effectively and consistently gauged to maximize these investments.

Scale and Extend Expertise

Organizations invest heavily to identify and recruit the best management talent possible. Once on board, further investment is made to adequately compensate and equip new hires through training, technology, incentives and other resources. CCPM provides a unique means to capture (systematize) and preserve much of the expertise, strategies and best practices developed by the contact center leadership enabling it to be more effectively shared and utilized across the enterprise. Over time, these forms of knowledge can be extended and/or modified as the needs of the organization and its customers evolve. CCPM can therefore maximize effective management’s reach and potential while reducing the risk of unfulfilled expectations for both new and existing hires.

Manage Performance

Developing star employees and achieving growth are dependent on a cohesive framework of People, Processes and Technology. CCPM provides an excellent platform for cooperation among these key assets to Align, Equip, Engage, Analyze and Modify the enterprise on a perpetual, iterative basis. In this way, the organization is able to drive progressively improved levels of performance in every critical key performance indicator such as customer satisfaction, attendance and productivity and the range of financial metrics - including top-line growth.

Beyond centralized web-based access to a single, complete and accurate source for performance measurement, CCPM provides a gamut of integrated communication, workflow and other management tools (alerting, coaching, survey, reward, gamification, etc.) that promotes engagement, accountability and allows hands-on control over one’s personal and professional destiny along with an ability to contribute to the enterprise's greater mission which all contribute to increased employee satisfaction.

Independently, the Gallup human capital strategies offer the potential for exceptional development of extraordinary talent and business growth. Contact Center Performance Management provides a cohesive system for seamless strategic execution for all stakeholders that unifies and optimizes all asset categories and which can endow visionary business leadership with a strategic resource capable of exponential, rather than mere additive gains.

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