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Facing Today's Challenges With One Invincible Human Superpower

December 15, 2023

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Our world today is grappling with a mix of formidable challenges. Geopolitical tension and war, deterioration of trust in major institutions, income inequality, rising authoritarianism, pervasive corruption and swelling crime are but a handful of dozens of issues in dire need of solutions. It's a complex landscape. Add to this our daily personal, family and job stresses, and it's clear why many feel overwhelmed and ultimately disengage or worse.

One statistic stands out, particularly for me as a parent of two teenage sons: In 2021, suicide became the second leading cause of death among people aged 10 to 24. This rate increased from 6.8 deaths per 100,000 in 2007 to 11.0 in 2021. These numbers are more than just statistics—they're a stark reminder of our fundamental responsibility as leaders to not only make things better but to build hope and resilience that ensure a better tomorrow can be realized. What's the most effective tool we have for this? Optimism.

Being An Optimist

Optimists typically believe that they can positively influence their future and tend to approach life's obstacles with a belief in their own abilities and a trust in positive eventualities. This mindset can influence one's emotional well-being, resilience and approach to life's challenges, often leading to more effective problem-solving and a greater sense of overall happiness.

Put simply, optimism is a superpower for resilience and success. It's about expecting progress and believing in the possibility of people, truth and positive outcomes—even in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity. Sounds good, right? It is!

Research by Michelle Gielan and Sean Achor underscores the benefits of optimism: reduced financial stress, higher earnings and greater career success. What’s more, optimism is linked to longer and healthier lives, more fulfilling romantic relationships and increased stability in both your personal and professional life.

But how do we embody this trait and begin to reap these tremendous rewards? It’s not rocket science, to be sure, but a simple guide can be incredibly useful. So, here’s the daily worksheet that I use and suggest if you're seeking to cultivate this mindset in yourself and your teams. I've found it to be very effective!

The Optimist’s Playbook: Daily Habits Checklist For Positive Leadership

1. Embrace curiosity and clarity daily.

• Start each day with a learning mindset.

• Ask questions, seek new perspectives and clear your mind of preconceptions.

2. Set and pursue clear goals relentlessly.

• Define daily, weekly and long-term goals.

• Review and adjust these goals regularly to stay on track.

3. Nurture creativity and confidence.

• Allocate time for creative thinking and brainstorming.

• Affirm your ability to find solutions, especially in challenging situations.

4. Balance optimism with realism.

• Acknowledge the possibility of failure but view it as a learning opportunity.

• Reflect on setbacks to glean insights, then move forward with renewed purpose.

5. Build and sustain a supportive community.

• Foster an inclusive environment in your team.

• Encourage open communication and mutual support.

6. Practice accountability and courage.

• Own your decisions and their outcomes, and be accountable not just to yourself but also to those around you.

• Face challenges with determination and learn from each experience.

7. Cultivate gratitude and happiness.

• End each day by reflecting on what went well.

• Express gratitude, either in a journal or verbally, for the positive aspects of your day.

Post this guide in your home or office and use it each day to track your adherence and progress. You might find that not only does your performance improve but your overall sense of happiness and fulfillment does too. The idea is to take small, consistent steps toward a more optimistic approach to life and leadership. I think the results may both surprise and delight you.

Download The Optimist’s Playbook: Daily Habits Checklist For Positive Leadership

Embracing Optimism As A Catalyst For Change

Embracing habits of optimism not only helps in navigating challenges but also sparks innovation and teamwork. This positive approach turns obstacles into catalysts for growth, creating an environment in which creativity can flourish and every challenge is seen as an opportunity for collective advancement.

Looking forward, the call to action is clear: Weave optimism into the very fabric of daily professional life. By doing so, the impact extends beyond the confines of office walls. It touches communities, influencing societal change and contributing to a more hopeful, resilient humanity. In a world facing unprecedented challenges, this proactive embrace of optimism isn't just beneficial—it's essential. It's the key to reversing destructive trends and paving the way for a future in which challenges are met with courage, creativity and a relentless spirit of positivity.

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