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Bluegreen Corporation is a leading vacation ownership marketing, sales and hospitality company. Their Indianapolis-based customer care center fields 1.2 million calls a year. Its agents provide service and support to more than 170,000 owners in the Bluegreen Vacation Club.

Location: Boca Raton, FL
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  Industry: Travel

Before Acuity

Bluegreen’s contact center operations are complex and supported by a set of unintegrated internal and third party systems that made effective performance management difficult.
  • Producing a complete and accurate view of performance was cumbersome and problematic.
  • Associate accessibility to performance criteria and status was incomplete and inconsistent.
  • It was difficult to quickly identify and act on areas of strength and weakness.

"Prior to deploying Acuity, the effort required to prepare and share performance intelligence was manual, time-consuming and inefficient. Our team had established exceptional business intelligence principles and practices, but we were limited in our ability to fully leverage them until we synthesized everything through Acuity."

Angela Blevins | Vice President of Club Services

After Acuity

Year over year KPI/performance from June 2014 to January 2015.

Increased productivity

“Better decision-making and process execution has resulted in strong improvement in the metrics that matter to us the most.”

Raised the bar on accountability

“Acuity provides visibility to every critical metric and enables associates and managers to monitor their own performance.”

Precise execution of coaching, training and promotion

“Because we can now quickly and easily pinpoint areas of weakness and strength, our capacity for mentoring, training and coaching has dramatically improved – as well as our ability to accurately identify candidates for promotion.”

Improvement across all KPIs

  • Sales increased 27%
  • Customer Satisfaction rose 3%
  • Quality improved 7%
  • Attendance improved 13%
  • Reservation accuracy improved 4%

An engaged workforce

“ The visual impact of performance display via Acuity cannot be understated. It makes tracking progress towards goals simple, meaningful and engaging.”


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