TouchPoint One Agent Coaching, QA, and Gamification Software Update Boosts Contact Center Workforce Effectiveness to Lift CX and Business Performance

Posted: November 2, 2021

TouchPoint One Agent Coaching, QA, and Gamification Software Update Boosts Contact Center Workforce Effectiveness to Lift CX and Business Performance

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November 2, 2021 — TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centers, announced today the fall SaaS update of its Acuity Contact Center Performance Management platform. The release features new or enhanced agent coaching, gamification, quality management and workforce engagement capabilities, and new technology partner integrations. The software update is available immediately as a free upgrade to current Acuity customers.

"Employee absenteeism, turnover, and engagement due to isolation and lack of support or connection are top challenges that every distributed customer contact organization must overcome to succeed," said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. "Acuity provides the customer contact workforce with a complete and shared understanding of what success looks like and how it is measured, and a comprehensive feature set that facilitates the cooperation, camaraderie, and collaboration essential for individuals and teams to organize and thrive. TouchPoint One is excited to roll out the latest Acuity software build and further elevate the wellbeing and effectiveness of our clients’ workforces."

Acuity equips supervisors, managers, and compliance personnel with new and enhanced tools to optimize processes and agent support. The new release boosts engagement, agility, and productivity for work-from-home, office, and hybrid teams. The key enhancements in this update include:

Agent Coaching Enhancements

Supervisors design, manage and execute comprehensive agent support routines using Acuity’s data-driven coaching system, Sidekick.

• New Sidekick journal workflows, including Performance Review, Side-by-Side, Policy, Learning Compliance, Recognition, LOA, and others. In addition, support events triggered via Acuity Compliance and Quality Monitoring systems now integrate seamlessly with Sidekick to improve workforce efficiency, engagement, and productivity.

Expanded Gamification Options

Versatility is essential to gamification success. TouchPoint One, therefore, offers three core gamification platforms and custom solutions to meet customers varying needs. The primary enhancements included in the latest software release include:

A-GAME Flex Catchphrase – enables supervisors to blend word puzzle contests into their overall agent coaching and support strategies. Individual, group, or team games setup of any duration takes just minutes. Captivating graphics, automated prompts and updates, and flexible reward options heighten game awareness, engagement, and impact.

Custom Metric Scoring – facilitates game scoring on literally any imaginable metric across all TouchPoint One gamification platforms.

A-GAME Xtreme – A-GAME Xtreme delivers the fantasy sports-style experience directly to managers and executives. The fall software release offers an improved Xtreme experience featuring enhanced team filtering, rank zone roster distribution, manual or auto-pick draft options, and other updates that engage senior management and create productive bonds with frontline agents.

Quality Management Solution Enhancements

TouchPoint One Quality Management solutions transform time-consuming, spreadsheet-based processes into refined digital workflows. This Acuity software release automates QA workflows and routing, tracks and timestamps monitoring, review, and scoring, and expands out-of-box reporting. Integrated with the Sidekick agent coaching module, Acuity QA maximizes supervisor and other support personnel with a complete agent support system.

Expanded Integrations and Partnerships

Acuity aggregates performance data across countless third-party, homegrown, and native systems and provides flexible integration with leading third-party service providers and software solutions. The update features new or expanded TouchPoint One partner ecosystem members, including ADP, Genesys, Humach, Virtual Live Labs, PNB Capital, Microsoft, Language Link, and Alis Software. Learn more at

Acuity is an advanced contact center performance management platform that collects, generates, and synthesizes disparate systems data to fuel an integrated suite of specialized business tools. Acuity offers real-time dashboards, departmental/functional scorecards, quality monitoring, agent coaching, virtual meeting & screen share, performance review, chat & email, analytics & reporting, and multiple gamification options delivered in a cloud-based SaaS platform.

Acuity enables the digital transformation of performance management and employee engagement so that customer contact organizations can better understand their operations, improve organizational alignment, enhance both the employee and customer experience, and drive progressively enhanced financial and operational performance. Contact center leaders choose Acuity for its documented record of fixing attrition, absenteeism, performance, and engagement challenges and reducing operational expense.

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