Contact Center Engagement Sizzles with A-GAME Hoops and Tiki Beach Performance Challenges

Posted: March 06, 2019

Contact Center Engagement Sizzles with A-GAME Hoops and Tiki Beach Performance Challenges

TouchPoint One Gamification Solution Galvanizes Contact Center Workforces from Frontline to C-Suite

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 06, 2019 — TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centers, today announced new A-GAME Hoops and Tiki Beach performance gamification challenges. A-GAME Hoops brings college and pro basketball tournament madness into the contact center to boost morale, recognition, and team camaraderie for game-changing performance. A-GAME Tiki Beach energizes the workforce through a tropical paradise themed, island-hopping quest for surf, sun, and achievement. Multiple A-GAME tournaments kicked-off this week in the U.S. and globally.

“Maintaining a metrics-based performance strategy doesn’t have to be boring, risky, or complicated,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Decision-makers concerned that gamification is yet another burdensome, siloed system will appreciate A-GAME’s complete integration with the Acuity CCPM platform as well as how it enables senior managers to participate directly in the fun. Effective gamification is a natural extension of enlightened performance management and TouchPoint One continues to lead in the development of innovative performance management solutions with a proven record of delivering extraordinary business results.”

A-GAME disrupts business as usual by transforming day-to-day work routines into stimulating, formative and productive experiences. It raises the bar on self-awareness and accountability, strengthens teams and organizations, boosts management effectiveness and capacity, and maximizes the value of systems and data as it attacks head-on employee turnover, absenteeism, and attitude challenges.

A-GAME Key Features and Capabilities

  • Transforms ordinary operational routines into engaging, motivating experiences.
  • Game scoring integrated with core business metrics and performance goals.
  • Limitless themes; Gridiron/football, Goalz/soccer, Hoops/basketball, Tiki Beach, Dragons, etc. Have something new in mind – we’ll create it
  • Integrates siloed business systems data and generates actionable intelligence via out-of-box and customized dashboards and reporting to all stakeholders.
  • Inspires employees, heightens accountability and focus on performance metrics.
  • Xtreme - VIP “fantasy” league enables direct participation by senior/C-level leadership.
  • Customizable online personas, peer-level recognition/encouragement.
  • Individual, team and league leaderboards, rankings, badges, trophies, awards, statistics and trends displayed in real-time via role-controlled dashboards.
  • Messaging and chat gives employees direct access to alerts, notifications, surveys, coaching, quizzes and more.

A-GAME integrates efficiently and securely with existing systems and data and scoring is based on any combination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or balanced score. Game duration can be aligned to calendar weeks or pay periods and season length is completely configurable. Cloud or on premise apps, spreadsheets, data warehouses and more combine seamlessly with data generated via A-GAME’s native employee engagement and workflow optimization modules.

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