TouchPoint One Inspires Customer Contact Workforce with Enhanced Gamification

Posted: March 20, 2018

Tiki Beach and Dragons Themes Featured in Latest Update of Award-winning Gamification Platform

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 1, 2018 — TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance optimization solutions for customer contact operations, released today the latest enhancements to its cloud gamification solution, A-GAME. The update features new A-GAME themes including Tiki Beach and A-GAME Dragons as well as social, recognition, reporting and analytics advances to equip employees with the tools they need to succeed.

“A-GAME offers senior leaders a proven solution to reduce employee stress, boredom and turnover while boosting productivity and business performance,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “We are excited to announce the latest A-GAME software enhancements that make it easier for organizations with large customer contact operations to equip, align and inspire employees and achieve progressively greater levels of business efficiency, productivity and brand value.”

A-GAME disrupts business as usual by transforming day-to-day work routines into stimulating, formative and productive experiences. It raises the bar on self-awareness and accountability, strengthens teams and organizations, boosts management effectiveness and capacity and maximizes the value of data, legacy and emerging technologies as it attacks employee turnover, aptitude and attitude challenges head-on.

“We differentiate on the basis of how we value and serve the people who make our success possible,” said Mark Wilson, CEO of Chime Solutions. “TouchPoint One, through their technology platforms and expertise, has enabled us to intelligently employ gamification within a comprehensive performance management framework and significantly improve our ability to support employees in the process.”

Highlights of the new A-GAME release include:

  • New Game Themes:
    A-GAME Tiki Beach and A-GAME Dragons provide “beach paradise” and “dragon kingdoms” narratives to existing football, March Madness, soccer and other A-GAME sport-based gamification themes.
  • Xtreme updates:
    Xtreme team fantasy drafting process streamlined to simplify senior leadership setup, play and engagement.
  • Executive reporting:
    Executive views for attrition, employee engagement, P&L and other financial reports at department, program, partner and other functional levels.
  • Agent Tools:
    Graphical, real-time KPI and performance target displays deliver achievement and progress intelligence at a glance.
  • Player Social:
    Expanded social features to personalize experience and communicate, encourage and mentor with colleagues.

A-GAME integrates efficiently and securely with existing systems and data. Cloud or on-premises apps, spreadsheets, data warehouses and more combine seamlessly with data generated via A-GAME’s native employee engagement and performance workflow and optimization modules.

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