TouchPoint One Gridiron III Performance Gamification Energizes Customer Care Workforce

Posted: August 10, 2017

TouchPoint One
										Gridiron III Performance Gamification Energizes
										Customer Care Workforce

Customer Service, Sales and Support Teams Hone Skills, Strategy and Commitment in Countdown to Season III Start

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, August 10, 2017 — TouchPoint One, a leading provider of employee engagement and performance optimization solutions, today announced details for Gridiron III, the third season of its American style football-themed A-GAME performance challenge. A-GAME is the cloud-based SaaS enterprise performance solution that uses sports and other themed competitions to transform large organizations into aware, aligned, engaged, data-driven and agile people-centric performance dynamos.

"According to Gallup, engaged teams significantly outperform disengaged teams on every key metric,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Organizations look to TouchPoint One for innovative and compelling solutions to address turnover, attendance, quality, morale, CX, profits, revenue and many other critical challenges. With A-GAME, companies can intelligently leverage gamification to align, equip and engage large teams across multiple functions and departments - including the C-Suite, in their shared quest to deliver the best possible outcomes for customers and the business.”

Scoring for Gridiron is tailored to each participating business unit (i.e. sales, customer care, HR, back-office support, brick and mortar operations, senior management, etc.) and based on any combination of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ― attendance, quality, productivity, dollars collected, NPS and other CX metrics or balanced score. Game duration can be aligned to calendar weeks or pay periods and season length is completely configurable. Tangible and intangible incentives and awards can be leveraged to recognize and motivate employees in different ways.

“Like business clients, government agencies strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of their customers each and every day,” said Richard Rosenthal, Principal of RSR Consulting. “Employees who are knowledgeable, motivated and engaged can make the difference in the perception of value, whether in the private or public sector. TouchPoint One’s record of success in facilitating high performing customer care workforces has dramatically improved the government’s ability to achieve positive and sustainable constituent experiences.”

A-GAME Key Features and Capabilities

  • Transforms ordinary operational routines into engaging, motivating experiences.
  • Integrates silo’d business systems data and generates actionable intelligence via out-of-box and customized dashboards to any stakeholder.
  • Stimulating UI inspires employees, heightens accountability and focus on performance metrics.
  • Xtreme - VIP “fantasy” league enables direct participation by senior leadership and the C-Suite.
  • Players can create online personas including a photo or avatar and sharing personal information.
  • Individual, team and league performance rankings, awards, statistics and trends are displayed in real-time, role-controlled dashboards.
  • Messaging and chat gives employees direct access to alerts, notifications, coaching and quizzes.
  • “Twitter-like” posts and “thumbs up” social features enable employees to provide quick recognition and encouragement to peers.

GIII season kick-off is September 1. To learn more, visit the TouchPoint One web site and read the Gridiron I case study. Follow us on Twitter @TouchPoint_One and on LinkedIn.

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