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September 3, 2020

TouchPoint One Gamification Energizes Customer Contact WFH Teams with A-GAME Gridiron 2020 Performance Challenge

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, September 3, 2020 — TouchPoint One, the leading provider of performance optimization solutions for contact centers, announced today the kick-off for Gridiron 2020, the American-style football version of its A-GAME contact center performance challenge. A-GAME is the cloud-based SaaS performance gamification solution that uses sports and other themed competitions to transform large customer contact operations into aligned, engaged, performance leaders. Gridiron VI regular-season tournaments begin September 14th, 2020.

“As businesses continue to navigate Covid-19, leading customer contact organizations are leveraging proven workforce experience strategies, like gamification, to strengthen employee engagement across their work-from-home and office-based operations,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Gamification works because it brings people together, breathes life into repetitive, mundane routines, and can improve nearly every performance metric. We are excited for the A-GAME Gridiron season VI kick-off and look forward to celebrating the competitive action, team camaraderie, and performance boost throughout the season with every A-GAME player, coach, and Xtreme team owner.”

A-GAME transforms day-to-day work routines into engaging, collaborative, and productive experiences. It raises the bar on self-awareness and accountability, strengthens teams and organizations, improves management effectiveness and capacity, and maximizes the value of systems and data as it attacks employee turnover, absenteeism, and attitude challenges head-on. A-GAME offers an array of sports-themed gamification options, including Gridiron (football), Goalz (soccer), Hoops (basketball), and non-sports options, including A-GAME Tiki Beach (island-hopping race), Dragons (heroic quest), Donut Shop, and Pizza Party (character collection games), and many more.

A-GAME automatically facilitates round-robin tournaments with single-elimination playoffs and season-end championships. Attendance, quality, CX metrics, balanced score, or other factors serve as the basis for A-GAME scoring from Cloud or on-premise apps, spreadsheets, data warehouses, and other data sources. The A-GAME Xtreme option enables senior management and other front-line support personnel to draft fantasy-teams that compete a gainst other Xtreme team owners in separate but integrated A-GAME leagues. Xtreme connects the most senior levels of the organization directly with front-line agents working from home or a traditional office to foster communication, alliance, and other forms of support between business stakeholders who might not otherwise engage day-to-day.

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