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Acuity + National Spine and Pain Centers

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The NSPC & Acuity Partnership: Elevating Healthcare CX Operations Through Digital Transformation

National Spine & Pain Centers (NSPC) stands as a testament to dedication and patient care excellence in the healthcare sector. With a sprawling network of over 120 locations, their commitment to patients is unwavering. However, beneath this success, NSPC grappled with operational inefficiencies, burdensome data management, and an outdated performance management system. The challenge of aligning their vast internal customer care operations with their outsourcer further compounded these issues. A comprehensive, transformative solution was imperative.



NSPC's performance management system was anchored in manual processes. Critical data was trapped in siloed systems and cumbersome spreadsheets, leading to inefficiencies and inaccuracies. The leadership recognized that these outdated methods were not only time-consuming but also obscured deeper insights into performance metrics.

Deep Dive into Challenges:

1. Performance Management and Reporting:

  • Manual Processes: NSPC grappled with cumbersome, manually created and managed scorecards using Excel. This not only consumed valuable time but was also prone to errors.
  • Data Aggregation: The process of gathering data was tedious and time-consuming, often resulting in inaccuracies.
  • Limited Accessibility: Excel reports, which weren't user-friendly, were distributed via email. This method restricted organizational access and visibility to crucial metrics.
  • Lack of Depth: While NSPC had insights into outcomes like CSAT, Quality, and Calls per Hour, they lacked insights into the root causes driving these outcomes.
  • Latency Issues: Real-time reporting was absent. By the time performance reports reached stakeholders, they were outdated.
  • Leadership Concerns: The executive leadership lacked confidence in the existing reporting and performance management capabilities. They felt these inefficiencies hindered the organization's potential to deliver optimal customer support and satisfaction.

2. Quality Management:

  • Outdated Systems: Quality monitoring forms remained undigitized, making the process cumbersome.
  • Manual Review: The analysis and review process was manual, similar to their performance management reporting.
  • Limited Reporting: QA reporting was constrained, offering limited insights into quality metrics.

3. Employee Engagement:

  • Engagement Gaps: NSPC had limited mechanisms to engage, recognize, or reward agents based on their performance. This gap affected morale and could potentially impact patient experience.

4. Agent Coaching:

  • Lack of Standardization: Supervisors and managers didn't have a standardized system to support agents.
  • Inconsistent Coaching: There was no mechanism in place for supervisors to receive or provide coaching in a consistent, collaborative, or structured manner.

The Imperative for Change:
Amidst a backdrop of complex operational challenges, the integration with an external partner added another layer of intricacy. NSPC recognized the critical importance of seamless collaboration to uphold their commitment to consistent, high-quality patient care. The sought-after solution wasn't just about integration; it was about creating a unified, informed, and engaged customer experience (CX) workforce across all fronts.

The Solution

The Results

The Solution

The Acuity Transformation:

To surmount these challenges, NSPC embraced TouchPoint One's Acuity. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, Acuity began to reshape the landscape of NSPC's operations. The results were evident not just within NSPC's internal operations but also with their outsourcing partner. By the 10th month post-Acuity implementation, NSPC's internal operations performance had surged by 35%. Impressively, the performance at the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner also saw a significant uptick, registering a 22% increase.

Acuity's transformative impact was clear: it provided the means to inform, align, and engage the entire CX workforce across both NSPC and its outsourcing partner. The once fragmented teams now operated as if they were a single organization. The contact center, spanning both entities, had never been more unified in terms of awareness, process, or collaboration.

Discovering Acuity:

Beyond offering data-driven insights, Acuity presented a holistic approach to performance management, coaching, employee engagement, and quality assurance, tailored to bridge operational gaps.

1. Performance Management:

  • Automated aggregation and assimilation of system data dramatically reduced NSPC’s data management and reporting overhead.
  • Analytics tools, interactive data visualizations, and role-based dashboards revolutionized NSPC's strategy, illuminating the path to organizational success for every CX stakeholder.
  • Real-time data insights enabled NSPC to refine their approach, ensuring consistent operational and CX excellence.

2. AI-Powered Agent Coaching - Sidekick:

  • Comprehensive coaching, guidance, and command center empowered NSPC supervisors to lead their teams.
  • Dynamic, AI-driven “next-best-action” plans streamlined decision making and improved coaching effectiveness.
  • NSPCs proprietary coaching and support workflows fully integrated allowing years of refined and specialized processes to be preserved and leveraged.

3. Gamification and Reward:

  • Multiple gamification options invigorated NSPC's teams, fostering engagement and a spirit of collaboration from frontline agent to senior management.
  • Integrated incentive and reward features enabled compensation commensurate with performance.  

4. Quality Management:

  • NSPC quality assurance forms and workflows digitized within Acuity platform enabled quality metric and monitor details to be captured in real-time.
  • IQAssure™ generative AI module empowered frontline leaders with insights and guidance, bolstering their confidence, capacity, and effectiveness.

The Implementation Phase:

With meticulous planning, NSPC embarked on the Acuity integration journey. Historical data spanning 90 days was ingested into the system, setting the foundation for a data-driven future. Supervisors and managers were equipped with training, ensuring a smooth transition, and maximizing the platform's potential.

“The first month we saw an 18% improvement in overall performance and that has continued to rise. Overnight, we became overstaffed due to the increases in productivity and quality from implementing Acuity. To-date, I’ve calculated ROI of 10x on our investment. Acuity essentially costs the equivalent of 1 FTE, but we’ve realized a 10% increase in productivity across the board. At >100 headcount, the math is pretty straightforward – and this doesn’t even factor in the positive impact of improved quality or customer experience metrics.”
  Nathaniel Altland, Sr Director, Customer Service Centers

The impact of Acuity was immediate, comprehensive, and profound:

  • An impressive 30% uptick in overall performance across all KPIs within just 10 months.
  • The Calls per Hour metric improved by 9.28%, showcasing heightened efficiency.
  • Unauthorized AUX Codes, indicating periods when agents aren't taking calls, saw a significant 64% reduction, optimizing workforce operations.
  • Transferred calls decreased by a substantial 58%, elevating the patient experience by enhancing First Call Resolution (FCR).
  • Instances of extended After Call Work (ACW) dropped dramatically by 98%, amplifying agent productivity.
  • Despite the surge in efficiency and productivity, Quality metrics also rose by 3%.
  • Average inbound calls per day increased by a commendable 9.18%, underscoring a marked enhancement in agent capacity.
  • NSPC's internal operations performance Balanced Score surged by 35%
  • NSPC’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partner Balanced Score improved 22%.


The journey of NSPC and Acuity is more than just a tale of technological integration; it's a testament to the transformative power of innovation when aligned with vision and determination. At the heart of this partnership was a shared commitment to excellence, not just in terms of operational efficiency but in delivering unparalleled patient care.

The challenges NSPC faced were multifaceted, spanning from internal operational inefficiencies to the complexities of integrating with an external partner. Yet, with Acuity's cutting-edge solutions, these challenges were not only addressed but turned into opportunities for growth and enhancement.

This collaboration has done more than just streamline processes; it has reshaped the very fabric of NSPC's customer experience operations. By fostering a unified, informed, and engaged workforce, both internally and with their outsourcing partner, NSPC has not only overcome their challenges but has set a new gold standard in healthcare performance management.

In an era where both the healthcare and customer contact landscapes are rapidly changing, the NSPC-Acuity partnership serves as a prime example for organizations aiming to leverage technology effectively and adapt to the demands of the modern world.

Voices of Change

“Acuity has been a great coaching and developmental tool. It has given both the agents and leadership the ability to be in true control. It brings structure to a fast-paced work environment and helps make communication much easier. It facilitates alignment and helps the agent as an individual connect with NSPC and showcases how what they do on a daily basis. Acuity has been a great tool that was tailored to fit the NSPC Call Center organization. It has helped promote better work habits and has truly changed the way we coach.”
– Heather, Supervisor
"Just a couple clicks and great results not only for me but for the entire team. Acuity is quick, efficient and effective for managing teams’ quality performance for an all-in-one experience and in real time."
– Liz, QA Supervisor
“Acuity has been a great coaching and developmental tool not just for the agents but for me as the coach. Acuity has been easy to use, simple to read and overall rewarding. It has also helped with the overall morale of the team”.
– Tia, Supervisor
"Acuity has been a game changer for me in regard to my day-to-day duties as a supervisor. It's easy, simple, and interactive functions have helped me better manage my agents work performance, coaching sessions, and feedback. I would highly recommend Acuity as a work platform for other call center supervisors".
– Valerie, Supervisor
"Everything was complicated before Acuity, now with a one stop, one view platform, team productivity, coaching and results are easily accessible---Phenomenal!"
– Yvette, Supervisor

“We began the implementation phase of Acuity TouchPoint back in late 2022, and it has been a great collaboration. They were able to customize the platform to match our unique call center needs. All the staff at Acuity is very communicative and sticks closely to timelines and deliverables.

Previously, this was a nightmare and all done manually using raw data and excel manipulations to compile the data we needed for KPIs and agent development, evaluations, and senior leadership reporting.

Since Go Live and getting familiar with the tool it has cut back tremendously on time and labor. Since inception we’ve enhanced the tool quite a bit with both things we wanted to see as well as things being rolled out from Acuity itself.

My staff has certainly enjoyed using the tool. It cuts back on emails, allows the coaching/QA/and stats to all be in one location. This aids in performance development and accessible KPIs month over month (trends).

The gamification tool allows us to keep the moral up with a little friendly competition to enlighten the group and provide white glove customer service to our patients.

Greg, Kim, Kyle, and Nicole are all very knowledgeable and have been able to offer their expertise and some suggestions for what other clients use and appear to be working successfully. I recommend this leading Performance Management product to whomever out there looking to be efficient, effective, user friendly and save on emails this is the way to go. It has been a game changer in our organization.”

— Melissa N. Goodman, Communication Center Manager, National Spine & Pain Centers, LLC
Download the Acuity + National Spine and Pain Centers success story.
Download Case Study PDF

Trusted by many

“Acuity has made life so much easier for the leadership team!  Having a balanced scorecard is a necessity in our environment.“

- Brandi Stadie, Senior Director of Veyo Contact Center Operations, Phoenix, AZ

“With TouchPoint One's advanced platforms and expertise, we've seamlessly integrated gamification into our performance management, boosting employee engagement and efficiency.“

- Mark Wilson, Chime Solutions CEO

“We are saving ourselves so much time and so many headaches. It is just a better way to work.”

- Tereasa M. Vukanovich, Manager, Regulatory Compliance & Audit

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