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Acuity + Cox Communications

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TouchPoint One Energizes Cox Receivables Management Center of Excellence with A-GAME Gridiron VIII Fantasy League Performance Challenge

Accounts Receivable Management


Receivables Management (RM) contact centers are faced with a host of challenges, such as employee retention, maintaining standards for quality and compliance, hitting performance targets, and managing remote and hybrid teams. These issues must be addressed to create a work environment in which teams and individuals can thrive and customer needs can be met. 

  • Managing remote teams across internal and external resources.
  • Maintaining morale and focus on business, regulatory, and CX metrics.
  • Engendering connection and supportive bonds that strengthen teams and work culture.
  • Creating a people-centric work environment in which teams and individuals can thrive.

The Solution

TouchPoint One Gamification Solutions are a smart way to enhance performance management, elevate employee experience, and ensure better business results. It provides incentives, tracks progress, and sets clear goals that employees can strive for. It also encourages collaboration, increases engagement, and fosters a sense of connection and support between teams which ultimately result in better business results and a more positive employee experience.

A-GAME Leagues automatically facilitates round-robin tournaments with single-elimination playoffs and season-end championships. Data from Cloud or on-premise apps, spreadsheets, data warehouses, and more combine seamlessly with metrics generated via Acuity's integrated performance dashboards, coaching, and QA modules to enable tailored, holistic performance management and complete alignment with other business processes and strategies.

The A-GAME Xtreme option expands gamification beyond the front lines, enabling senior managers and other employees to draft "fantasy" teams comprised of agents across the entire contact center operation. Xtreme teams compete head-to-head in regular-season matchups and for post-season division titles and league championships. A-GAME Xtreme empowers senior managers to connect with, support, mentor, and motivate frontline staff in a highly entertaining, fulfilling, and productive experience. 

The Results

Gamification for the Win!

Gamification is about connection, commitment, and culture—fundamental principles of effective performance management. Employees agree, saying that gamification makes them feel more productive and happier at work, leading to better outcomes for customers and business. Ready to fire up your contact center workforce with some serious fun?! Visit the TouchPoint One web site and schedule a demo today. 

Voices of Change

“TouchPoint One is a great partner, flexible, nimble, and willing to make changes to form to our needs.”
- John Craven Sr., Director Center of Excellence, Receivables Management
“A-GAME was a great tool and experience!”
- Team Leader
Download the Acuity + Cox Communications success story.
Download Case Study PDF

Trusted by many

“Acuity has made life so much easier for the leadership team!  Having a balanced scorecard is a necessity in our environment.“

- Brandi Stadie, Senior Director of Veyo Contact Center Operations, Phoenix, AZ

“With TouchPoint One's advanced platforms and expertise, we've seamlessly integrated gamification into our performance management, boosting employee engagement and efficiency.“

- Mark Wilson, Chime Solutions CEO

“We are saving ourselves so much time and so many headaches. It is just a better way to work.”

- Tereasa M. Vukanovich, Manager, Regulatory Compliance & Audit

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