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Acuity + Chime Solutions

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Chime Solutions provides U.S.-based customer contact services in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, health care and telecommunications. They specialize in delivering flexible, high quality business process outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound customer care. The Association for Corporate Growth recently placed Chime in the top ranking of Georgia's fastest growing companies with plans in place for continued expansion in 2018.

Customer Service


Most organizations acknowledge that without a serious plan to address employee stress, turnover and disengagement (within the contact center and beyond), business performance will suffer along with shareholder value. A variety of surveys indicate, however, that the majority of companies continue to rely on outdated strategies, processes and systems to understand and align operations and to develop, manage and motivate employees. It’s no wonder that attrition, morale and disengagement continue to rank among the top concerns of senior executives.

Chime Solutions provides U.S.-based customer contact services in a wide range of industries, including financial services, insurance, health care and telecommunications. They specialize in delivering flexible, high quality business process outsourcing solutions with an emphasis on inbound customer care. The Association for Corporate Growth recently placed Chime in the top ranking of Georgia's fastest growing companies with plans in place for continued expansion in 2018.

Chime Solutions understands that empowered, aligned and engaged employees can not only better serve the needs of customers, but are more equipped to thrive professionally and personally. Chime leadership had a clear vision of the type of organization they would create, one focused on people, transparency and trust. They also identified fundamental technological gaps that would need to be filled to provide the level of workforce support they envisioned and realize their dream at scale.

Some of the primary capability gaps that Chime had identified included:

  • Silo’d, sprawled data: Financial, operational, engagement and other data were disconnected and stored in different internal and external systems. Consolidating complete views of company, program, team or individual-level activity and performance was effectively impossible.
  • Business intelligence and reporting: Data aggregation and management notwithstanding, analytics, reporting and intelligence delivery systems were insufficient and unintegrated. Attaining organizational alignment was a challenge. Relevant domain expertise was neither captured nor preserved. Pinpointing strengths and weaknesses needed to be faster and more thorough.
  • Employee engagement and development: The ability to effectively implement incentive and reward, career advancement, performance pay and other employee development and well-being initiatives was difficult and deficient. To remain competitive, Chime wanted to strengthen these capabilities to enhance their culture, employer brand and effectiveness.

TouchPoint One fills these and other gaps with Acuity, a cloud-based contact center performance management and employee engagement platform that combines a central data store to aggregate data stored across disparate systems, an intuitive and flexible business logic designer for smooth setup and maintenance of different operational departments and/or programs, and a specialized analytics engine to deliver real-time intelligence to agents, managers, customers and partners through role-based scorecards and dashboards. Acuity integrates gamification, voice of the employee (VoE), quality monitoring, chat and email, e-learning, incentive and reward, pay-for-performance and other features into a single, unified solution.

Following an introduction to TouchPoint One at the Hire Dynamics Atlanta Contact Center Executive Forum and subsequent Acuity evaluations, Chime was certain they’d found the partner that could help them meet their technological needs and achieve their business goals. The Acuity feature-set and ability to integrate with their existing systems was compelling, but TouchPoint One also offered extensive contact center experience and a proven record of success with the Acuity platform that reinforced their view that working together, the significant and extraordinary obstacles unique to contact centers and facing Chime could be overcome.

The Solution

Chime simultaneously deployed Acuity and A-GAME “Gridiron”, the American-style football A-GAME variation in the fall of 2017. The A-GAME competition spanned nine 10-day regular season games, a single 10-day post-season playoff (top two teams in each standard division) and the 10-day league championship matchup. The Chime league also included two Xtreme divisions in which employees, primarily senior managers and executives, competed.

  • Scope: 11 projects, approximately 450 employees (agent/consultants, management)
  • Program: A-GAME Gridiron III, American football themed competition. Standard and Xtreme Leagues.
  • Time Frame:
    Regular Season: September 7th – November 30th
    Post Season: December 1st – December 17th
  • League Commissioner: MiKyle Crockett, Chime Solutions Brand and Communications Manager
  • Recognition and Incentives: TouchPoint One provides posters, “playmaker” pennants, “party-wagons” and other creative assets to extend the A-GAME experience beyond the software and scoring metrics. TouchPoint One also recognizes the outstanding performance of agents and team supervisors with trophies, public announcements and its “Medal of Excellence” award program.
  • Chime extended these categories of incentives and recognition with weekly trophies, company-wide emails, digital wallboard displays and peer-to-peer announcements. Each member of the team winning the Chime “Super Bowl” also received a cash prize.

The Results

Typically, engagement is measured on the basis of surveys which are excellent measures of perspectives, but are inherently subjective. Wherever possible, we use explicit measures of behavior correlated with performance to determine the positive or negative impact of a specific program, feature or initiative.

For example, in A-GAME, Team Supervisors and Xtreme team owners have an option to either select their starting lineups for a specific game manually (an action that reflects direct engagement) or elect to have the system “auto-pick” the starting lineup randomly (from among the eligible players). Our view is that the team with a supervisor or Xtreme team owner who is “engaged” in the process of selecting their starting lineup will, on average, outperform the team with the disengaged supervisor or Xtreme team. In Chime’s case, this proved convincingly true as reflected in the following table.

Beyond starting lineup selection, Supervisors and Xtreme team owners can access interactive dashboards displaying team schedules, standings, game scores, team and individual performance records and stats with integrated in-app features to communicate, support, encourage and incentivize members of their team.

Tips from the “League Commissioner”

“Treat gamification as seriously as you would any other component of your performance management or employee engagement strategy,” advises Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “In A-GAME, we advise every customer to appoint a League Commissioner to coordinate scoring rules, tournament setup, incentives and recognition, pre-season events, experience messaging and management throughout the season - and most certainly for the season-end championship game and post-season awards. There is tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the enthusiasm, cooperation and companionship provided by A-GAME, and the League Commissioner is vital to maximizing this potential.”

MiKyle Crockett, Chime Solutions Brand and Communications Manager, vigorously embraced her appointment as A-GAME League Commissioner for Chime. During the course of the A-GAME Gridiron season, she logged several important considerations to share with others who might aspire to this esteemed position within their own organizations.

  1. Data and scoring logic: make it simple, consistent, clear and manageable
    Data is the basis for any game scoring. Pick the top KPIs you use to measure performance in the business or specific process context as the basis for your gamification initiative. Identify a reliable resource on the data end to ensure you have access to what you need when you need it.
  2. Establish executive buy-in and commitment
    TouchPoint One stressed to us the importance of treating gamification like any other aspect of performance management, and so from the very beginning, we secured buy-in from our CEO. That A-GAME provided a way for senior management to actually participate directly in the program made it that much easier.
  3. Have fun - celebrate at every opportunity!
    A-GAME enabled us to flip the perspective of performance metrics upside down. They’re no less important now than before, but employees perceive them in a more positive light. Metrics are largely transparent, creating opportunities to offer or ask for help, cheer for each other, mentor, and support in new ways.

Insights and Conclusion

According to a 2018 Korn Ferry poll of nearly 5,000 professionals, the top reason people are looking for a new job is that they're bored. Perhaps surprisingly, only 19 percent said their top priority for a new job is a higher pay. And those that stay don’t perform to their potential if they’re not equipped and engaged. As Chime Solutions demonstrated, instituting a modern performance management platform to continuously enlighten, engage and motivate employees while steering them toward the routines and behaviors emblematic of top performers addresses far more than boredom alone. It is the key to workplace, and by natural extension, personal fulfillment, which in turn yields profound benefits for customers, business and stakeholders.

As the definitive platform for contact center employee engagement and performance optimization, Acuity synchronizes the people, systems, data and processes that together convert pressing challenges into competitive advantage. TouchPoint One has a documented record of helping companies flourish in a relentlessly competitive business landscape. We are committed to empowering contact centers with better tools to develop, engage and lead. Our continued focus on AI-powered best-practice modeling and virtual mentor technology paired with innovative game mechanics and user experience design will drive even greater levels of efficiency, productivity and brand value.

Partnerships with companies like Chime Solutions are essential to enabling us to make lives better for employees, customers and business owners alike. We invite you to join us in redefining how attaining world-class operational excellence in sales, service and customer care is achieved.

Voices of Change

The key to our success is our team chemistry,” said Mark Wilson, CEO of Chime Solutions. "I am blown away, daily, by their tenacity, passion and dedication to our clients and community. To sustain this level of dedication requires more than assembling the right leadership, however. It’s dependent on Chime culture and our enduring commitment to advancing transparency, inclusion, career development and fulfillment for every member of our Chime family.
Mark Wilson, CEO of Chime Solutions.
Partnering with TouchPoint One, Chime Solutions is leveraging gamification in the workplace to increase employee morale, meet KPI targets - and trail-blaze the call center industry with a new approach to employee engagement.
MiKyle Crockett, Chime Solutions Brand and Communications Manager and A-GAME League Commissioner
Download the Acuity + Chime Solutions success story.
Download Case Study PDF

Trusted by many

“Acuity has made life so much easier for the leadership team!  Having a balanced scorecard is a necessity in our environment.“

- Brandi Stadie, Senior Director of Veyo Contact Center Operations, Phoenix, AZ

“With TouchPoint One's advanced platforms and expertise, we've seamlessly integrated gamification into our performance management, boosting employee engagement and efficiency.“

- Mark Wilson, Chime Solutions CEO

“We are saving ourselves so much time and so many headaches. It is just a better way to work.”

- Tereasa M. Vukanovich, Manager, Regulatory Compliance & Audit

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