TouchPoint One Empowers Modern Contact Centers with New Acuity Performance Management Platform Update

Posted: November 19, 2020

TouchPoint One Empowers Modern Contact Centers with New Acuity 
                  Performance Management Platform Update

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, November 19, 2020 — TouchPoint One, the leading provider of employee engagement and performance management solutions for contact centers, today announced a significant update to the Acuity Contact Center Performance Management platform. The software release features new or enhanced workflow, gamification, agent coaching capabilities, and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and other leading meeting solutions vendors. The Acuity update is available immediately as a free upgrade to current Acuity customers.

“Acuity is unique in feature breadth and implementation flexibility as well as its record of positive impact on performance for office and remote teams,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “Our latest update streamlines the routines that engender accountability, collaboration, and support and offers an expanded toolset to elevate the engagement and camaraderie necessary to unite and inspire distributed customer contact teams.”

The Latest Acuity Software Update Boosts Engagement, Agility, and Productivity for Work-from-Home, Office, and Hybrid Teams. The key enhancements of this Acuity software release include:

  • Virtual Meeting Integration. Invoke Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, and other leading meeting solutions directly from Acuity performance dashboards, agent coaching, gamification, reporting, or quality management modules. From analytics, strategy, and development to mentoring and motivation, this capability enables fluid agent support and stakeholder collaboration and helps contact centers improve remote workforce engagement.
  • New Gamification Options. Versatility, variety, and flexibility are the hallmarks of TouchPoint One gamification. Acuity enables you to employ game mechanics in specific accordance with your evolving needs. New options provided in this Acuity software update include intra-team configuration, enhanced prize management control, and the new “Catchphrase” game wherein individuals or teams compete to decipher popular expressions or themed phrases and win real or virtual prizes.
  • Expanded Employee Assessment Options. The Acuity update delivers an expanded library of digitized employee assessment options, including performance review, annual assessment, and ad hoc performance check-ins. Employee evaluation and support workflows include goal setting, task management, real-time performance scoring, integrated support quality ratings, and other features to strengthen agent/manager relationships, boost employee engagement and retention, and improve business performance.
  • Expanded Business Intelligence and Operations Reporting. Acuity aggregates performance data across multiple, siloed third-party, homegrown, and native systems and provides unparalleled business intelligence and interactive reporting capabilities. The Acuity software update includes new Bill-to-Pay, Dollars Collected, Revenue to Budget, Employee Attrition, Incentive Bonus, Compliance Monitoring and other reports.
  • Advanced Business Process Transformation Solutions. Contact centers trust TouchPoint One to catalyze the digital transformation of critical business processes. Acuity system enhancements accelerate the transformation of outdated, manual workflows into modern digitized systems and integration within the Acuity performance management platform.
“Connection and engagement among the dispersed contact center workforce are vital to delivering customer experiences that ensure continuous businesses success,” Salvato said. “Acuity makes it easier than ever to transition from the spreadsheets and out-of-date manual processes that diminish staff, data, process, and systems effectiveness and undermine business potential.”

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