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How it Started

Acuity was developed by veteran call center executives seeking a comprehensive, intuitive, enterprise-grade performance management solution. Their desire to efficiently measure, monitor and support agents and thereby increase customer satisfaction and maximize overall business performance could not be met by any solution available – so they built it.

From the ground-up, Acuity was conceived and designed specifically for contact centers and the people accountable for their performance.

Contact Center Performance Management - Simplified

A hosted software solution (SaaS), Acuity enables clients to leverage disparate systems data to measure, report, analyze and derive actionable intelligence across every facet of the contact center operation. Acuity helps successful organizations improve employee performance, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and financial results while reducing compliance, legal and other business risk. Acuity is unlike what you might think about Performance Management Systems – It’s easy to deploy, will align, empower and inspire your personnel, and delivers clear and compelling ROI – at a cost that is likely a fraction of what you’d expect.

Our Mission

The mission of TouchPoint One is simple – to deliver best-in-class enterprise performance management solutions to the contact center industry that exceed each of our clients ROI (Return on Investment) and service delivery expectations. We are committed to working with customers to help them become more competitive, effective and efficient. Acuity provides the platform that makes it all possible.

One Data Store | One Business Logic Platform | One Central Command

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